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Scleroderma Gut

Characteristic flora define intestinal microbiome in scleroderma SANDESTIN, FLA. – Some species are associated with specific gastrointestinal symptoms. Markers for GI Dysmotility in Systemic Sclerosis Markers for GI Dysmotility in Systemic Sclerosis Drug Eases Chronic Constipation in SSc Prucalopride produces more motility, fewer GI symptoms
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Scleroderma Skin

Scleroderma skin ulcers definition, classification and treatment strategies our experience and review of the literature Skin ulcers (SU) are one of the most frequent… Shock-Waves Reduce Finger Ulcers in Scleroderma Compared with conventional treatment, extracorporeal shock-wave therapy resulted in a significant decrease in finger ulcers. 1 Cochrane Review: Calcium Channel Blocker Efficacy in…
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Morphea and Eosinophilic Fasciitis: An Update Morphea, also known as localized scleroderma, encompasses a group of idiopathic sclerotic skin diseases. The spectrum ranges from relatively… Tocilizumab in two children with pansclerotic morphoea: a hopeful therapy for refractory cases? Paediatric Rheumatology; Authors: Giorgia Martini, Simona Campus, Raffeiner Bernd, Gianluca…
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Scleroderma Autoantibodies

Antibodies Help Profile Outcomes in SSc Systemic sclerosis can be classified according to extent of skin… Autoantibodies, Disease Subtype in Scleroderma May Identify Cancer Risk Scleroderma and Cancer: A Mechanistic Link? Autoantibody subsets and disease phenotype may determine risk
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