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The 9 Muses are daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, Greek goddesses personifying the inspiration for the sciences and the arts.
My highly opinionated news-blog draws inspiration from both the science and the art of Rheumatology.

Imaging in Large Vessel Vasculitis

EULAR releases first guidance for imaging in large vessel vasculitis The European League Against Rheumatism has published its first-ever guidance on the role of imaging in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with large vessel vasculitis, determining, among other… EULAR Publishes Recommendations for the Use of Imaging in Large Vessel Vasculitis EULAR recommendations…
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Biomarkers in Systemic Vasculitis

Vasculitis 2018: The Bench and the Bedside An annual review takes a look at recently published studies regarding the classification, diagnosis, and management of systemic vasculitis. Biomarkers in vasculitis Curr Opin Rheumatol. 2018 Jan;30(1):30-35. doi: 10.1097/BOR.0000000000000447. Biomarkers in Vasculitis An intense search is underway for better ways to support treatment decisions in the…
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Train, Rest, Regenerate

The Importance of Muscular Strength: Training Considerations This review covers underlying physiological characteristics and training considerations that may affect muscular strength including improving maximal force expression and time-limited force... Sleep Interventions Designed to Improve Athletic Performance and Recovery: A Systematic Review of Current Approaches Background Athletes experience various situations… Lancet Commission: Stem cells…
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Muscle Wasting of Aging

Inevitable muscle wasting of old age could be stopped, scientists believe The inevitable muscle wasting of old age could be stopped, scientists believe, after discovering why people become frail as they grow older. More Protein No Benefit to Older Men Current daily recommendation OK, clinical trial found Stem cell study may result in…
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