Our Mission

We seek to optimize the quality of life of patient with rheumatic problems by:

  • Alleviating distress and disability expeditiously;
  • Arresting damage progression effectively; and,
  • Achieving disease remission / cure eventually.

We aim to be the Centre of Autoimmunity & Rheumatology Excellence in Singapore and beyond.


Our Strategy

We believe that the best way to achieve this aim is through:

  • Early accurate diagnosis; and,
  • Aggressive integrative treatment

We strive to provide every patient at every clinic encounter with Accessible Best Care Delivered Expeditiously!


Our Services

We employ:

  • Cutting-edge yet cost-effective technologies (eg bedside ultrasound) to aid diagnosis and guide interventional procedures; and,
  • Innovative treatment strategies that balance efficacy with safety.


Our Specialist

Dr Eugene Lim
Physician and Rheumatologist
MBBS, MMed (Int Med), FAMS (Rheum)