Our Strategy

We believe that the best way to achieve this aim is through:

  • Early accurate diagnosis; and,
  • Aggressive integrative treatment

We strive to provide every patient at every clinic encounter with Accessible Best Care Delivered Expeditiously!


- location of clinics: central (Orchard & Novena); MRT at doorstep

- direct to specialist: no referral needed; reachable online 24/7/366

- treatment modalities: full suite; early to market

- affordable: insurance (eg Integrated Plan Medishield)


- diagnostics & theraputics: latest "from benchtop to bedside"; targeted for maximum efficacy with minimum side-effects

CARE: Centre for Autoimmunity & Rheumatology Excellence


- working towards a one-stop point-of-care service delivery

- near-siting to multidisciplinary & ancillary care services


- "Fast & Furious" yet pragmatic disease management philosophy to maximise cure, control & convenience, and to minimise discomfort, damage & disability: "More Gain, Less Pain"