Immunology of Infection

Human Immune System Likened to Model of Military Efficiency

Immune system defense cells attack a virus.
It’s a system under “very tight regulation,” Dr. Torgerson said, with factors essentially holding…

Ten Strategies of Interferon Evasion by Viruses

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Viruses are formidable pathogens that take advantage of the infected cell machinery while disarming the antiviral host defenses. García-Sastre reviews the most common mechanisms used by viruses to antagonize the antiviral…

The role of IL-6 in host defence against infections: immunobiology and clinical implications

Mechanisms of action of various agents that target IL-6 and IL-6 activation pathways.
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Reactive Oxygen Species Localization Programs Inflammation to Clear Microbes of Different Size

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Inflammation recruits neutrophils to fight…

Human Adaptive Immunity Rescues an Inborn Error of Innate Immunity

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Adaptive immunity can compensate for a defect in the innate immune response, as seen with…

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