Obesity in Rheumatic Diseases

Obesity Drives Increased Arthritis Rates in Younger Adults

A major longitudinal study found that arthritis prevalence is increasing in younger population cohorts and that arthritis onset is earlier in obese patients, regardless of…

Obesity linked to RA disease activity, disability

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Researchers aren’t sure what the connection is between obesity and RA.

High BMI, Obesity Predict Worse Disease Outcomes in Axial Spondyloarthropathy

It is imperative that clinicians are aware of the negative consequences of being obese on axSpA.

VIDEO: Obesity linked to worse outcomes in axial spondyloarthropathy

Among patients with axial spondyloarthropathy, higher BMI and obesity independently predicts worse…

Obesity linked to pain, fatigue in SLE

SAN DIEGO – The lupus study suggests there is value to assessing body mass index in these patients.

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