Palindromic Rheumatism

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  1. Hi, Could you elaborate on this: “What we should really be thinking about is whether palindromic rheumatism fits into [the RA] process — systemic inflammation and bone marrow edema, but then [in palindromic rheumatism] the bone marrow edema resolves. Instead of being a joint being inflamed, the process actually involves the bone marrow." My english is not perfect. As far as I understand dr. Rigby says RA is a joint problem and PR is a bone marrow problem. Is this what he meant? And how did he come to that conclusion? best regards, C.Dirks
    • Yes, that's what he meant. As to the basis of his statement, it is no doubt MRIs were done and compared between RA and PR for him to come to his conclusion. For the evidence, we have to await the publication of his study.

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